The Best Pencil Sharpener Ever--Seriously!

When you find the perfect something it’s only natural to get pretty excited about it. Your favorite pair of shoes (why didn’t you buy more when you found those!?), the jeans that hug just right but still let you move, your dream can be anything, small or large.

Can a pencil sharpener really get you that excited?

Well, possibly, when it’s just so perfect.

Here’s why we may have found the Best Pencil Sharpener Ever--seriously!

It Works Anywhere

Small space? No problem. No electricity? No problem.

This amazing pencil sharpener, the OfficeGoods V-7 makes lists of “best electric pencil sharpeners” (like this list on Idea Hacks) in part because it works anywhere.

A compact design means it fits on even a cramped workspace, small student desk, busy studio art space, messy workshop, or any other area where you value the real estate of your workspace.

Then, there’s the amazing power options which make the V-7 so versatile!

● Standard plug-in, when you have an electrical outlet (it comes with a power cord)

Battery powered, uses batteries when you don’t have access to power (it does not come with batteries, but it takes 4 AA)

USB powered, when you have a charging block (like the one it comes with)

One quick side note--never plug a USB device, like the OfficeGoods V-7 pencil sharpener, into a laptop. Only devices specifically designed to be plugged into a laptop should ever be plugged into one. The V-7 won’t work as well in a laptop, or worse, it could damage your laptop or the pencil sharpener.

But this pencil sharpener can charge in the USB-receptive charging block it came with, or another you have on hand, or even one of those cool outlet covers that allow you to turn a standard outlet into a USB charging station.

It’s Designed with an Artist in Mind

How sharp do you like your pencil?

For most uses of #2 pencils, people crave that perfect point:

● Precisely in the middle, not lopsided,

● No extra waste and breaking,

● Won’t “eat” your pencil trying to sharpen and

● Super-fast sharpening (just 7-15 seconds).

The V-7 does that--perfect points, quickly, every time.

But for artists, or artistic applications, the V-7 really shines. Colored pencils, graphite pencils, wax-based pencils, charcoal pencils, and other specialty pencils, sharpened quickly, with a truly perfect point.

Don’t want ultra sharp? No problem.

Not every artistic application involves a pointy pencil.

To that, the V-7 offers adjustable sharpening:

Blunt, for shading, blending, and layering of color

Medium, for contouring or softer lines

Sharp, ultra sharp for the detail work of drawing, with nearly any type of standard-sized pencil.

Most pencil sharpeners only sharpen to what the V-7 would call a “medium” point, so when you really need ultra-sharp, no pencil sharpener outshines the steel helical blade of the V-7.

It’s Great with Children

For classroom use, teachers appreciate the speed of the OfficeGoods V-7, but also the quiet.

You can minimize classroom disruption with a softer pencil sharpening sound, as well as reducing the time spent sharpening pencils. It’s great for volume sharpening, such as sharpening an entire box of pencils for test-prep, or all of the colored pencils in a classroom set.

What’s more, the safety shutoff of the OfficeGoods V-7 prevents it from operating if the shaving cover is not completely closed--so parents and teachers can rest easy about use with children.

Seriously the Best

Okay, so it’s the only pencil sharpener we carry--because we believe it is seriously the best pencil sharpener ever.

It comes in three finishes--classic black, timeless silver or modern gold.

Pick your favorite. We think you’ll love it.