Clear = Strong -- the Best Acrylic Office Supplies

If you are looking for beautiful and practical office desk accessories, don’t overlook acrylic--even though you can look right through them!

Acrylic office supplies match almost any decór, are beautiful and elegant. Our customers rave about them!

Here’s why.

What is Acrylic?

Acrylic is a type of plastic, but not all plastics are acrylic. “Plastic” originally meant that the material was pliable, but now they can have virtually any texture.

Though acrylics can be as hard as nails (like acrylic fingernails!) or as clear as glass (like the brand Plexiglass!), they are usually made from a derivation of natural gas. Now, acrylics can even be made out of plant materials, such as sugar.

The word “acrylic” is used for certain polymers (which are just called “poly” because they are long chains of molecules).

It’s been more than 100 years since the invention of plastic and more than four decades since the first acrylics (safety glass). Acrylics offer incredible technology:

● As clear as glass;

● Strong and unlikely to chip, break or scratch (and scratches in acrylic can often be polished out)--even survive falls, toddlers, and many other stress tests;

● Easily combined with other materials, such as gold accents.

As you can see, acrylic desk accessories aren’t just beautiful--they are also high tech!

When to Go Clear

Clear acrylic desk accessories are perfect for the home office or workplace.

They have a small enough footprint to fit on a small desk space, but are also not visually distracting--you can see exactly what you need right through them.

Clear desk accessories match any décor--when you want a sleek, modern look, they fit right in, but when mixed-and-matched with a traditional desk or office space they add just the right touch of something modern.

Acrylic desk office supplies also make great gifts--stylish, elegant, and coordinating with almost any decór.

When Not to Go Clear

While clear desk accessories are a charming addition to almost any space, there are occasionally circumstances when they aren’t quite right:

  1. On a clear desk--If you already have an acrylic desk, you may want to branch out instead of sticking with clear accessories. However, if clear is just your thing, you can also own it and go all clear, or with an accent mat on the desktop.

  2. When you’re super messy--If you take an “out of sight, out of mind” approach to cleaning and just want to stuff everything away, if your pencil can is also where you occasionally tuck gum wrappers, or if you prefer not to wash your hands after eating, acrylic office accessories can be a little unforgiving. Those papers, wrappers and grubby hand marks would be visible just about anywhere, but especially with acrylic.

If your goal is a clean, elegant workspace to let your creativity flow unencumbered, you will probably love clear acrylic office supplies.

OfficeGoods has Only the Best

At OfficeGoods we stand by our superior products. So, when it comes to crystal clear, elegant acrylic office supplies, we have curated the perfect set.

Purchase a single piece for yourself or as a gift, such as our classic acrylic and gold tape dispenser; the non-skid rubber feet keep it from slipping when you pull tape, without interfering with the small footprint and simple design. Or, if you want a complete set, we have just the right pieces--stapler, scissors, pencil holder and odds and ends boxes (even a clear ruler!) to finish the look.

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If you are a fan of the gold accents, we also have an incredible gold pencil sharpener, that will pretty much blow your mind.

Happy shopping!