The Best New Paper Fastener You’ve Never Heard Of - For Real!

If you read that title and are expecting a blog about a new stapler or a different kind of those metal bendy things that you put through a hole, let me take a moment to blow your mind and broaden your paper-fastening horizons. Okay, admittedly that sounds a bit dramatic. But I wasn’t exaggerating when I said I would introduce you to the best new paper fastener out there. It is seriously cool and has several advantages over traditional fasteners.

So what is this new fastener, you ask? It is called the No Slip Clip, and it’s a new way to bind your papers together. Unlike a traditional staple, the No Slip Clip doesn’t make holes in the papers you want to bind. It simply grips them tightly. Like the name implies, the No Slip Clips won’t slip. In fact, you can bind between 2 and 50 papers with one clip without having to worry that the binding will come undone.

Best of all, the No Slip Clips come off easily when you want them to (and not before) without leaving a visible mark. And unlike staples, No Slip Clips are reusable.

No more searching for a staple remover, not finding one, and then prying the staple out with your fingers. Instead, simply slide the No Slip Clip off. And no more frustration as the paper clip you are using keeps trying to slide itself off of your papers.

There are as many different uses for No Slip Clips as there are scenarios in which you need papers to stay organized and together. They make getting prepared for a presentation or creating multi-page handouts easy. Teachers can use them to bind worksheets together or to organize student work. Lawyers can use them to prepare briefs or notes for a particular case. The list is endless.

The No Slip Clip also makes common office jobs easier to do. For example, copying fastened pieces of paper will no longer include the step of trying get the staple out without ripping the paper. The slip comes off easily to make copying sets of papers a breeze.

The No Slip Clip device looks similar to a stapler and will blend right in with the other supplies on your desk. The clips come in multiple colors, so in addition to binding papers you can use them to color code your documents.

No Slip Clips can be placed anywhere on a stack of papers. They can go in the left-hand corner just like a staple, and they take up about the same amount of room (or less), ensuring they don’t block visibility on the page. You can also place several along the top to create a kind of notepad that opens upward. Another option is to place clips along the left-hand side, creating a “notebook”.

So as you can see, the No Slip Clip isn’t your average paper fastener. After years of the same old office solutions in this area, it was about time for some innovation. And now we have finally seen an advance in paper binding. Before you know it, you’ll be thinking of staples and staplers as a thing of the past.

The No Slip Clip is the perfect addition to your work day. With their bright colors and ease of use, you’ll only regret not making the switch earlier. And if you order the No Slip Clip from OfficeGoods, you’ll also receive a set of clips in both the 2-30 page and 2-50 page sizes!