Back To School Essentials

It’s that time of year again! Summer is winding down and it’s time to get the kids ready to head back to school. And we all know what that means: back to school shopping!

Kids may not want to give up their summer fun and head back to school yet, but most of them enjoy shopping for new outfits, the perfect backpack, and new binders and notebooks. There’s just something inexplicably wonderful about the feel of brand new school supplies sitting ready in a brand new bag.

As we enter a new school year, there are essentials that every student will need. Lists of required supplies vary from school to school and can usually be located on the school’s website. Stores have even started partnering with their local schools to link school shopping lists directly to the store’s websites to make shopping even easier for parents.

On the List…...

But no matter which school you go to, items that are likely to be on your list include notebooks, pencils, pens, binders/folders, index cards, and a backpack.

In addition to these essentials, students often want supplies to enhance their learning experiences. Items such as colored pencils, highlighters and gel pens help make the back-to-school experience more exciting. And how many students do you know of that can make it through the year without needing a really good pair of scissors? Not many.

Gel Pens Make the World Go Round

Okay ...maybe not literally. But take a moment to think back to when you were in school. You reach into your bag and pull out a fresh set of gel pens in the hottest new colors. Suddenly the possibilities seem endless. Now you can doodle in your notebook in technicolor! You can take color-coded notes galore! (And you can write your name with the last name of the cute boy who sits in front of you over and over and daydream ...or was that just me?)

Since they came out in the early 80s, gel pens have been hugely popular. And now they come in options from glitter to fluorescent colors to earth tones and everything in between. You’ll be a hit if you order some as a part of your back-to-school shopping.

And For The Pencil Purist

You know who you are. You prefer a regular number 2 Ticonderoga to any other writing utensil. Yes, mechanical pencils are convenient, but who wants their lead breaking or sliding back into their pencil all the time? Wooden pencils have the perfect weight and smell, and they feel just right in your hand. The only problem?

Wooden pencils are only awesome when they are sharp. And those little hand-held plastic or metal sharpeners just don’t get the job done. What you want is a satisfying, razor-sharp point. What you need is a sharpener that knows how frustrating an almost-sharp-but-that’s-all-you-get pencil is. The V-7 OfficeGoods stapler is the tool you are looking for. It is easy to use and will produce a sharp point every time. It even has different sharpness settings for those of us who like to get wild and crazy with our pencil sharpening.

Back To School Like A Pro

So to all you superhero moms and dads out there running from store to store to get everything your scholar needs, save yourself some time and win yourself some serious brownie points by stocking up on some cool gel pens, a great pair of scissors, and the best pencil sharpener out there. And good luck and happy studies to all the students out there!