Homemade Holidays (With or Without Children)

A couple of friends and I had a conversation that went something along the lines of, “Why are all those cute craft posts so often about making crafts with children?”

Not that there’s anything wrong with crafting with children, but what about crafting for grownups?

Just as coloring isn’t only for children, making adorable items for your home for the holidays is totally appropriate for any age.

So include some kiddos if you want to, but if there aren’t any in your home (or they aren’t the crafty type), no worries. Here are three adorable ways to adult craft during this Halloween-to-the-New Year mixed holiday season.

Make a Found Objects Centerpiece

Centerpieces are a great way to bring holiday crafts into any room.

Consider this for a kitchen island, dining room table, living room coffee table or even a bathroom counter. Just scale appropriately for the counter or table. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Choose a container - A simple mason jar, a low and flat bowl or a wooden box? Choose a size and shape that work for the space where you will use it.

  2. Choose a theme - If you want to use fall florals and greenery, use a floral foam brick. Or just strategically place items like candles, gourds and pumpkins with a little greenery around them.

  3. Assemble - Have some high and low objects for height variance, place and place again until you like the shape, and feel free to use hot glue or glue dots to secure once you find your ideal shape.


From the beginnings of fall to Halloween, Thanksgiving and the winter holidays, you can create your own, inexpensive centerpiece for every occasion.

Trim the Tree (or Mantle piece) with Vintage-styling

At some point holiday decor becomes more about acquiring pieces that look classy, and less about whatever is #trending.

Cconsider a DIY approach to trimming the tree (or decorating a mantlepiece or doorway). It’ll stretch your creativity muscles!

The DIY approach was the only approach of years gone by, and now such lost arts, vintage crafts as macrame and cross stitching are making major comebacks.

Here are 3 easy holiday garlands to try this year:

Make a popcorn and cranberry garland: simple, and popular with the victorians, though not long-lasting (one season, and not for households with pets or pests).

Make a rag garland: popular with colonial Americans, a rag garland can be made with virtually any scrap fabrics (such as clothes you plan to retire), or even newspaper.

Make a pompom garland: This one comes with a warning, making pompoms can be very addictive! You may soon find yourself making endless pompoms while you binge watch your favorite holiday movies. Try the yarn variety for beginners or the felted wool type if you can handle a little learning curve.

Warm Hearts with Homemade Cards

Traditional holiday cards via snail mail are a great way to spread holiday cheer.

While some hand-lettering enthusiasts prefer variable brush pens, gel pens have smooth, consistent ink, fluid control, and are a much easier way to get started or improve your hand at hand lettering.

This year, give it a try with personalized envelopes for your cards or thank you’s. It’s easier than it sounds! Try these tips:

For the name: write in your usual cursive, but then go back and widen each downstroke.

For the address: try a tall, narrow font for longer details, such as street names. All caps looks great, written small and tall and skinny.

For embellishment: try a simple frame or some scripty vines...just keep it fun and easy.

Your friends and family will love seeing a personalized card and you’ll get to do some grown up, relaxing crafting!