What's Your Home Office Style?

Ultra polished or free form? Globe-trotting bohemian or sleek modern professional?

What’s your home office style? And how do you pull together that look for the best look (better yet, at a great price!).

We got you covered.

Read on and find yourself in these three styles--plus comment and share with us your style!

For the DIYer

If you see the potential in every secondhand find, love Pinterest, and are great with a paintbrush, you might be a DIY-type.

Setting up a home office is fun for this design type. You can put together many different styles. Here are a couple of suggestions to make the most of your home office style:

Pick a palette - Eclectic is great, but so is a cohesive theme. Rather than to choose on a piece-by-piece basis, have a goal of a color palette.

Get organized - The biggest design fail risk with a DIY look is betting too cluttered or chaotic, which can prevent you from using a workspace for any actual work. Avoid that problem by making shelving and organizing a big part of your office plan.

Mix high/low - Go ahead and invest in a favorite piece, such as professionally framing or original artwork, or getting that dream Eames corner reading chair. Then, do what you do best--bargain hunting and fixing up!--for other pieces.

Stay creative - The DIY type can get a little bored with same old, same old. So, make updating and creating your space a continuing adventure! Change out smaller pieces every few months.

If you follow these tips, you can create a stylish home office, with your one-of-a-kind creations.

For the World Traveler

Whether you’re a globetrotter, an Anthopologie (or thrift store) shopper or an armchair traveler, your style is colorful, maybe even a little Bohemian.

Set up a home office that tells your unique story by following these tips:

Display your experiences from traveling;

● Consider a wallpaper accent wall to set the mood;

● Enlist your friends to donate art they’ve created or goods collected from travel experiences;

● Embrace your creative side by creating a world map (or buy one on Etsy!);

● Get exotic with indoor plants -- a palm, elephant ear, lemon tree or other plant.

In putting all of these things together, your home office will feel like a journey or personal retreat.

For the “Less is More” Type

If you favor a more minimalist approach to home decorating, and only keep on your desk the items you are currently working on, or love the idea of tiny house living, you probably fit the “less is more” category.

Sometimes a minimalist design is the easiest space in which to think (and work)!

Embrace your design approach with these tips:

● Stick with a neutral, light and bright color palette;

● Choose storage which closes, with drawers or doors to put away anything you do not want visible;

● Challenge yourself to include something fun--metallic accents, a colorful rug, or something that will help you bring out your playful side.

Part of the fun of modern design is its creativity--so make the most of your minimalism with moments of amusement.

The Right Accessories

The best office accessories will play well with your furniture and decor, no matter your style. That’s why we love these gold and acrylic accessories -- they are simple, elegant, and will not distract from your design, they will enhance it! Plus, they come at a great price!

If you have used any of these home office accessories in your decor, share pictures with us! You can comment here or on social media. We’d love to take inspiration from your home office design style!