Home Craft Ideas: How to Make Homemade Wrapping Paper

In the age of digital everything, any product you can imagine is just a few clicks away. When you think about it, this is a wonderful thing that has led to many changes for the better. At the very least it has made life more interesting:

Need a desktop refrigerator? All out of uranium ore? Or maybe you have a sudden urge to own a bacon-scented mustache? Don’t worry - Amazon has got you covered.

In all seriousness, it is so easy these days to get anything you can imagine with a few clicks of a mouse. That makes buying just the right gift for someone much easier. But how about the personal touch? After all, ordering something from the comfort of your couch and handing it over in the box it was sent in doesn’t exactly scream “I care”.

One way to show someone they matter to you is with handmade wrapping paper. When they see it they’ll know you took the time to make something nice for them. Here are some ideas you can use to create your own gift wrap in no time:

Scissors and Paper and Paint (oh my!)

You might need a few more things, but these are the basics. It’s best to get some sturdy paper that can hold paint without wrinkling or tearing. But don’t make it too thick. You want it to be able to fold easily. I recommend butcher paper.

Use your scissors to cut a piece of paper the right size for your gift. After this you have several options:

● Use a paintbrush, the end of a pencil, or a Q-tip to make polka dots in various colors. This technique is simple, but the effect can be bright and beautiful.

● Paint flowers or shapes in a repeating pattern. This will take a bit longer, but it will be worth it.

● Create stamps from household items. If you have extra sponges you can cut them into different shapes. Another fun option is to use potatoes. Start by cutting them in half, then carefully carve out a shape. Dip the stamps into your paint and apply them to the paper. Voila! Your wrapping paper is made!

Gel Pens Make the World Go Round

You’ve never heard that saying before? I’m pretty sure it’s a thing.

No? Well it should be.

Gel pens are a fun way to add color (and sometimes sparkle) to your wrapping paper. Unless you have a lot of time on your hands, gel-pen wrapping paper is probably a better option for smaller gifts. Or you can combine paint with gel-pen art, adding accents to your designs once they are dry.

Going for That Rustic-Chic Look

If you want your gift to say “down-to-earth-yet-stylish”, use brown paper instead of white. Butcher paper is available in brown. You can even use the inside of a brown paper bag (believe me - if you do it right no one will know). Find interesting items from outdoors (pine needles, leaves, etc.) and use them as nature’s stamps.

Pro tip: don’t just dip the leaves in paint. It will be too thick and won’t create the look you are going for. Instead, paint the colors onto the leaf’s surface and then carefully apply it to the paper.

When you are done, wrap the gift carefully and tie the whole thing up with natural jute twine.

Wrapping Things Up

Your best bet is to try out several techniques to find the one you like best. Above are just a few of the options. You can find many more online or come up with your own. And you might consider making a lot of wrapping paper in different sizes, colors and styles so that you are prepared no matter the circumstances.

Have fun!