4 Modern Office Trends For Your Business

If you’ve been to Silicon Valley recently, you’ve probably noticed many office spaces there don’t resemble a traditional work space. From the furniture to the very colors on the walls, modern office spaces are inviting, relaxing, and downright fun.

Instead of cubicles, for example, you’ll find wide open spaces; instead of cafeterias you’ll see spaces that look more like a modern restaurant or coffee house; and instead of separate individuals plugging away by themselves, you’re likely to see collaborative groups.

Silicon Valley is known for being at the cutting edge. And where they lead, the rest of the country usually follows. Here are some modern office trends you should keep in mind:

Collaboration Is King

Gone are the days of workplace isolation. Instead of the divide-and-conquer, cubicle-dominated old world of business, try creating collaborative spaces where employees can combine their talents.

And instead of the competition between employees that some businesses rely on, modern businesses know that the intelligence and creativity of a team often leads to beautiful things.

Shifting to a collaborative approach is a mental thing, but it is also a physical one. Your space has to say, “Come, talk with me” not, “Go away. I’m busy.”

Many modern businesses therefore use flexible office spaces and collaborative furniture to hit the right tone.

Atmosphere Makes A Difference

Another trend in modern businesses is to create spaces that are relaxed and comfortable. The theory is that a relaxed, comfortable employee is a productive employee.

And really, where is it written that offices have to be utilitarian and boring? That beige and gray are mandatory work space colors?

Think about it: you and your employees are going to spend a large portion of your lives at work. Wouldn’t you rather be in a space with cheerful colors, comfortable furniture, and a relaxed atmosphere?

Happy people are productive people. Just sayin’.

Technology and Nature - The Best of Both Worlds

In keeping with the whole relaxed and inviting atmosphere thing, the use of natural substances for decoration, and even for walls and furniture, has really taken off.

Don’t be surprised if you start seeing waterfall walls, whole walls filled with greenery, or furniture built from natural products rather than plastic or metal.

Again, the thought is to make the space as comfortable and inviting as possible. What better way to do that than to bring the outside inside?

At the same time, for a business to succeed it needs to tap into the very latest in technological advances. So it is becoming more common to see touch screens and automated devices seamlessly woven into these new, relaxed offices.

The juxtaposition of the ultra-new with the more natural and laid back gives modern offices a great vibe.

Flexible Schedules

In the era of forward-thinking businesses, many employers have realized that what matters most is that work is getting done well and on time. What matters less is when the employee chooses to work on it.

With modern technology and online collaboration, video conferencing, and instant communication, many employers have started to allow their employees to set their own hours.

Deadlines for work still exist, and sometimes nothing replaces in-person meetings, but if Gary is a night owl and wants to get all his work done between the hours of 12 AM and 5:30 AM, why not let him? And if Brenda does better on a 9-5 schedule, so be it.

The important thing is that every employee feels understood and valued, and the work still gets done right on schedule.

And Don’t Forget…..

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