Bring Some Life Into Your Office This Spring

The winter months can be long and drab. The holiday season (and the lead-up to it) can be fun, but it is a long time between New Year’s Eve and the first day of spring.

In most of the country, the ground, the trees, and even the air (it seems) are various shades of gray and brown for months on end.

But the good new is it’s almost over!

Spring officially started on March 20th. But except for those lucky enough to live in the South, winter is just now begrudgingly loosening its grip.

Spring is in the air, but when you look outside it still looks pretty drab. The trees are still bare (but maybe with a hopeful tinge of green just starting?)

The weeks of early spring when it still feels like winter are the hardest. Spring is so close you can almost taste it.

Spring = Life: Add Some To Your Office - Literally!

If you just can’t wait anymore for spring to arrive, you don’t have to!

Here are some ways to bring spring to you:

● Buy some potted plants and arrange them in your office. Make sure to check the labels to find something that will do well inside and will work with the lighting you have. Keep in mind that you are not trying to create a jungle, but that one lone plant just looks sad. Find a happy balance. And a bonus of this is that the plants will clean your air as they sit there making you think thoughts of spring.

● Pick a spring-themed color scheme and decorate in bright, cheery colors. This could mean repainting the space, but it could also be as simple as creating some spring-colored origami flowers and placing them strategically around the office.

● Add some art to the walls. This is really a good recommendation for any time of year, but in the spring especially it can add some new life to an old space.

● Add some Easter/spring colored paperclips to one of our acrylic desk accessories (which are great because their contents can be customized to any season.)

● Consider a light spring scent from a candle or some potpourri.

Spring Cleaning!

Okay, so it may be a bit of a cliche to use spring as a time for cleaning. But there is just something about the fresh start of spring that inspires us to want a fresh start in our lives as well.

Here are some things you can do to satisfy that spring cleaning urge in your office:

● Go through drawers and throw things away. Take the time to wipe out any grime that has accumulated. You know what I mean - that dirt that inexplicably makes its way into your pencil drawer? You’ll feel so refreshed when you open your drawer and it’s not there.

● Move your furniture and clean underneath and behind things. Even if you can’t always see those spaces, just knowing that they are clean makes the whole space feel fresher.

● Clean your windows to let the spring sunlight in!

● Give every surface a thorough dusting.

Spring Is In The Air

If you follow these simple tips, you’ll start to feel spring come alive in your office (and in your heart!) Hopefully the weather will cooperate and bring sunshiny, glorious spring days soon.

And the most important tip of all?

Be sure to enjoy the fresh spring air as much as you can! Crack a window to let in a gentle breeze. Get outside on your lunch break. Park a little farther away and enjoy a walk in the sunshine. Spring is a time for renewal and life - splurge on it!