Warm Up Your Office This Winter

Fall is here in all its glory--scarves and boots and pumpkin spice. But then, right around the corner comes winter.

Fall is the favorite season for most Americans (in some parts of the country spring or summer). But what season places dead last in every category, in every part of America?

You guessed it: winter.

While you have holidays and eggnog and fireplaces to make winter a little more enjoyable, it also helps to bring some extra warmth inside.

Americans spend more daytime hours at work than anywhere else, particularly when you factor in commute times. In the winter, that may mean all of your daylight hours are spent in an office.

So to make the colder season a little warmer, we offer this quick guide to brighten the cheer in your office deco this winter.

Find a Cheery Color Scheme

Some people love Christmas and red and green so much they bring it all out right after Halloween and turn their homes and offices into winter wonderlands.

For everyone else, just pick a cheery color scheme you can enjoy.

Some of our favorites include:

● A cheerful lime green with bright red (for a take on traditional),

● A globally-influenced lime, teal and purple,

● A soothing blue, silver and white,

● A vibrant turquoise and orange

● A neutral white and gold

While neutral color palettes don’t scream “cheery” to everyone, if you are the type to choose soothing over vibrant, layering those wintry whites can create a warm working environment.

Add a Flavorful Scent

Just as fall has pumpkin and apple, winter deserves a scent. Depending on the mood you want to set, try adding a winter-appropriate candle, such as smoky cedar, invigorating peppermint or moody red currant.

If you prefer a lighter scent, try brewing tea--it’ll warm you inside and out. Some winter favorites include:

● Chai for cinnamony goodness

● Sweet orange for a fireplace warmth

● Spiced ginger for an invigorating scent and flavor

However you go about incorporating scents into your workday, it will enliven your senses and keep you going, even when the thermometer drops.

Still not feeling warm enough? You can always BYOH (bring your own heater) all winter long--a popular choice in many offices for the cold-natured, and cold-weather-haters alike.

Glitz and the Warmth of Gold

Nothing says “winter” like a little glitz. Even in the story of baby Jesus, the wise men were smart enough to bring some gold.

Whether you prefer the illumination of a menorah or the fireworks of New Year’s Eve, holiday-season events bring plenty of sparkle.

Even on those working days without any special occasion, add a little glitz to your office. Get your DIY on and try these quick festive deco projects:

● Swap out the art in a frame with a favorite piece of wrapping paper

● Gift wrap the art on the walls

● Cut snowflakes out of metallic origami paper (a surprisingly relaxing craft!)

● Turn a stack of books into a Christmas tree

While you go about your decorations, don’t forget to treat yourself with some golden, stylish office supplies. Our best selling gold pencil sharpener, a display of golden paper clips in our acrylic desk accessories, or our beautiful and functional acrylic and gold stapler are sure to bring a little glitz and cheer to even the bleakest time of year.

Between the decorations and the office supplies, you may find yourself feeling a little warmer.

Stay Warm

Whether you add lights to palm trees or shovel snow this winter, enjoy a little dash of cozy by warming up the cooler months, at least in your workplace or home office.