How To Un-Jam The V-7 Pencil Sharpener

Office Goods v7 Sharpener

OfficeGoods’ V7 pencil sharpener

will give you an evenly sharpened pencil every time. No more of that annoying, off-center pencil lead where there is more wood than lead available. And with Its compact, sleek design in gold, black, or silver, the V-7 is the perfect addition to your home office, school desk, or any other place where you need a pencil that is sharpened just right.

The V-7 offers three power options. You can plug it into the wall, but if you aren’t near an outlet of simply don’t like the look of the cord cluttering up your space, it also has a battery-powered option. There is also a USB port available to connect to your AC adapter or power strip that accommodates USB. It can be connected a power source such as a computer (check compatibility with the computer manufacturer). We don't suggest using a laptop as they don't have the power that is required and this can cause internal damage.

And unlike most sharpeners, the V-7 has three different settings available to tailor your pencil’s point to the job at hand with blunt, medium, and sharp options.

All Jammed Up

Even the best of sharpeners is not immune to that menace to office peace of mind: the broken lead stuck in the sharpener. There’s nothing worse than a sharpener that is jammed and won’t sharpen! (You have one job…..)

So what do you do when your V-7 gets jammed? If’s quite simple to fix, actually. If you follow these steps you will be back to getting that satisfyingly sharp pencil point again in no time.

1) Before you do anything else, it is important to ensure that the sharpener is no longer connected to a power souce. The best way to do this is to remove the shaving cover to ensure no power will be going into the sharpener while you fix it.

2) After the shaving cover is removed, grab a long, thin screwdriver. A Phillips head screwdriver is best.

3) Move the screwdriver up and down in the slot where the pencil usually goes. You are using it to break up the piece of lead that is lodged inside.

4) Turn the sharpener upside down and give the sharpener a slight shake and tap it as needed with your hand until debris falls out. It is best to do this over a trash can or a piece of paper on your desk to prevent any mess.

5) Repeat steps 4 and 5 until all the lead is removed.

6) Re-attach the shaving cover and test the sharpener with a blunt pencil. Voila! That satisfying point is back and your sharpener is fully functional again.

It is easy to keep your V-7 sharpener at the peak of its performance if you follow these simple steps.