Easy Holiday Gift-Giving Tips

As the countdown to Christmas continues, or as you light the Menorah each night, it is important to remember what the holiday season is all about.

While attending parties and gatherings it can start to feel like a competition for who can give the best gift wrapped in the most impressive way. And while it is wonderful to see everyone’s impressed looks when they realize your gift was perfect, it can also be exhausting (not to mention expensive) to continually feel the holiday gift-giving pressure.

To bring back that holiday spirit and reconnect with the true joy of the season, consider these tips:

The Best Gift Is One That Comes From The Heart

Ok, this isn’t the first (or even tenth) time you’ve heard this. But sometimes there is a good reason for a saying, and this is one of those times.

Think back to a gift that really meant a lot to you. Was it because the price tag on it could make others green with envy?

Was it because it was the latest “whatever”?

Or was it because the person giving it clearly had you in mind when they picked it out?

Maybe it featured your favorite color. Perhaps it was perfect for a hobby of yours. Chances are good it showed your gift-giver knew the real you.

There are endless ways to enhance your gift giving this season, but here are a few tips that can help:

● Plan ahead. The best gifts show thoughtfulness and familiarity. Leave yourself enough time to consider the person’s likes and dislikes. It is more likely that inspiration will hit if you aren’t rushed.

● Think of experiences you may have shared. Is there a way to incorporate a museum you both liked, a sports team you both support, a concert you attended together, or another mutual experience into your gift choice?

● Consider your own hobbies and interests. Does a favorite poet or author’s work remind you of the person? Did you see a piece of art and think of them?

Homemade Gifts - Tacky or Treasured?

A homemade gift shows that you cared enough to put in some thought, time, and effort.

On the other hand, the holiday season is probably not the time to pin all your gift-giving hopes on a brand new craft as yet untested.

If you have a tried and true talent, the holiday season could be the time to showcase it. Who doesn’t love a painting designed just for them or a hat knit with warm, soft wool in just their size?

Or maybe you’re known for your skills in the kitchen and your friends are always saying how they’d do pretty much anything for one of your holiday specialties.

Again, the key is planning ahead. Even for a skilled artist or craftsman, a last-minute gift isn’t going to come out as intended. So make your list (in pencil just in case!), check it twice, and get started early!

Whether buying or making that perfect gift, consider including a hand-made card. Our glitter gel pens can add sparkle to your holiday message. The earth tone set is perfect for when you want to hit that elegantly festive note. Your gift recipient will feel honored that you took the time to create a holiday card just for them.

Consider Giving Experiences Rather Than Things

Of course, it isn’t always about giving material things. Often it is what we do with those we love, not what we get from them, that we remember most.

Instead of giving something, give quality time. Take them to see their favorite team play or their favorite artist perform. Gift them some classes in an activity they’ve always wanted to learn or get better at.

Just remember, the holiday season is about the people we love and the experiences we share. Don’t worry about competing with others. Stay true to yourself and make this holiday season the most meaningful one yet!